Wedding venues at Irwin County


Are you planning to wed in Irwin County? Are you still searching for the perfect place to tie the knot? At Irwin County in Georgia, you need not worry about the perfect venue because it has a lot of spots to choose from. Apart from that, Irwin Country is also teemed with talented singers, soloists, photographers, bands, and other artists who can very well serenade you and your partner during this momentous event in your lives. Here are some of the best venues to tie the knot in Irwin County and the steps to take before you can legally start the wedding ceremony.

In Irwin County, you can choose to wed in a church or in the court room for a civil wedding. There are renowned pastors and speakers in the area who can very well lead the marriage. However, you cannot just contact any of these persons if you have not secured a marriage license yet. Obtaining a marriage license can be done at Irwin County Probate Court in Ocilla. Aside from that, there are also rules to abide to before you can obtain a marriage license. With this, it is highly advisable to contact legal help for the matter.

As mentioned above, weddings in Irwin County are always memorable because of its hip nature and availability of numerous options to wed at. First off, there’s the Hazlehurst House in Mcdonough that can cater to more than a hundred guest and boasts of scenic views and serene environment. It offers a fresh feel of being in a courtyard. With a few decors, lovely brides in their gorgeous wedding dresses, and a happy couple, the set would be perfect. The Washington Grass Inn is the perfect spot for those who love intimacy and a bit of vintage during their wedding day. Set to accommodate small weddings, the Inn has a plantation for small, indoor weddings; a garden for an outdoor wedding; and a covered pavilion that is rustic-and-shabby inspired for that unique wedding venue that’s perfect for any destination wedding dresses. There is also The Cotton Warehouse, which is mostly opted for those who love to have a touch of history and simplicity on their wedding day.

On the one hand, entertainment shouldn’t be missed in every wedding day. In Irwin Country, there are a number of ten rentals that offer entertainment equipment at very considerable prices. This is essential to keep the guests awake the whole event and to keep the mood lightened, too. Indeed, with careful planning and right budgeting, every wedding day is perfect in Irwin Country, Georgia.

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New Projects in Irwin County

Irwin CountyIrwin County is a small and peaceful town situated in central Georgia. They have a very small population, having the average of 9,000. This is the place where you can still see plain green areas, which are soothing to the eyes. The town is more of a residential place and a quiet neighborhood.

Upon searching about their place I found out that education is one of their priorities being on top of the list of the projects they are targeting. They pretty much have good schools with a clean environment and structure that is conducive to learning. There was a newly opened Day care center in the city of Ocilla named the Kid’s Academy Daycare located at 172 Fitzgerald Hwy. Opening celebration was done on July 15, 2011 facilitated by Ocilla-Irwin Chamber of Commerce. This is a Christian-based program which caters to children 6 weeks to 11 years old during Mondays-Fridays, 6:00am-6:00pm, very convenient for working mothers.

They give so much value on their historical places. Buildings that are still standing over decades are preserved just like the court house in Ocilla, Georgia. It was built in 1910, renovated on May 2005 with the historical elements being maintained. When you come to visit this town you are like going back to the past. The old-fashioned structural designs made by their ancestors are still evident up to the present. It will appear as if it was just built last year because of the neatness of the building, destroyed materials are rarely seen. You will get amaze when you are able to talk to the folks, because most of the buildings are 50 years old and above already. They probably have it repaired every now and then. They are also known of their local logistic companies worldwide. They are said to be renovating this year, as their supplies increases wider warehouse will be needed.

Two businesses have also opened in the year 2011, one of which is the “Cash foe Gold” store which accepts gold jewelry in exchange of money and sells special metals and electronic facility. The other one is the Gina’s salon which offers hair styling, cutting and color and other cosmetology services.

Irwin County is a bit laid back town, their traditions are followed despite the influence of the modern neighboring towns. Speaking of structures, they have prescribed designs for the residential houses they discourage putting so many accessories on the outside of the house as they prefer the traditional pattern. I presume they wanted a very organize and neat neighborhood and I can say that they have attained it.

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Irwin County Local Logistic Company’s Move to Renovate its Warehouse Next Month

Irwin county local logistic companies are one of the companies known in the world. In the recent news today, it was known that they are going to renovate their warehouse for the next month and most people were wondering why. When owning a company, it is good to have a wider warehouse since it is the place where stocks and other equipments will be placed. Aside from that, automatic pallet trucks are also one of the machinery of this Irwin county local logistics, and with these kinds of equipments, you have to be equipped with wider warehouses at the same time.

During the initial press release, the company’s worker was asked about the said renovation and here were some of the reasons cited.

  • To maximize the space. Being one of the big owners of a big company, you have to anticipate that large warehouses are really needed. This has been one of the reasons behind the company owner decided to put into a certain renovation right away. Thus, with the said movement, they were now keeping all the things in their warehouse so that construction will be initially started on time. Next month was their target time for the start of the renovation.
  • Needed wider space for pallet trucks. Since pallet trucks are among the equipments they possess, having wider warehouses is also important for them. As you can notice, pallet trucks are large and huge equipments, thus, this has been the reasons also why they have to renovate their warehouse as early as possible. You can also visit their website, if you feel that you are also in need of their trucks and have them a call right away.
  • Wider space for product storage. They also decided to widen their warehouse so that they can be able to arrange all their products in once place without damaging every item. Thus, despite the costs, Irwin Company still decides to make the said construction for their building.

These were some of the cited reasons why that said company decided to have their renovations as early as next month. Whatever their purpose will be, we can be sure that it is all for the benefit of their company and to the whole consumer of their products as well. Let us keep in track until next month to what is latest with Irwin County Local Logistics.

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Local Governments’ Benefits of Installing LED Street Lights

It used to be that LED lights were only best as a household lighting product as it never fails to provide better illumination, warm glow, and durable packaging that its counterparts are incapable of offering. But as time goes by, LED street lightings have started to penetrate the street corners and a lot of government authorities are actually using it in their respective places. What is in LED lighting systems that convince government offices and local authorities to incorporate it in their street lights?

LED lights are no doubt one of the brightest lights there is. Its white light is said to contain tons of lumens that make it produce the brightest lighting in the industry. It also has a focused glare, which is a plus as a street light because a certain spot is being well-lit, unlike its other counterparts that emit distributed light which somehow produces dimmer kind of lighting. Because of its incomparable illumination, pedestrians and citizens feel safe and secured walking in a well-lit side of the streets at night alone. In fact, in London, Sydney, and Toronto, almost 80% of the citizens being surveyed about their new LED street lights affirm that they indeed feel safer when LEDs were installed because of its bright glow. Also, some street vendors find the use of LED street lights advantageous to their shops due to the fact that customers can already see their goods clearly.

Apart from that, LED bulbs are considered to have the longest life span in all of the lighting systems in the market. It can reach for up to 100,000 hours while its competitors can only emit bright lighting for up to 40,000-50,000 hours that is almost half of LEDs life span only. Added to that, studies also show that its breakdown rate in every 6,000 hours is only 1%. Considering the prices of lighting systems these days, you can surely obtain savings and a considerable return of investment with LED.

Another benefit of LED lighting is the fact that it contains no carbon component, so carbon emission is deliberately minimized, making it an environment-friendly product that a lot of consumers would love to use to save Mother Earth. While reports show that it might still contain lead and other chemicals, experts note that these substances are apparently present in almost every type of lighting systems, and if LED do has some of it, it’s probably too little to worry about. But, citizens should still take precautions about this. Nevertheless, we still have a lot to thank for to LED manufacturers such as Bai LED who never cease to keep us amazed of what this product can do.

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County Chamber of Commerce Partners with United Way

The Board of Directors of County Chamber of Commerce, a non-governmental and non-profit organization in Irwin County, officially linked up with United Way of South Central of Georgia, another civic organization in Georgia, with a purpose to boost the economy of the state.

In the meeting of both the organizations’ executives, Greg Millette, United Way’s executive director, expressed his joy in the partnership of both organizations. In his speech before the Chamber’s board of directors, Millete said that he is proud to be part and a new member of the County Chamber of Commerce.

Milette also said that he appreciates the opportunity to impart their organizations new direction and vision with the board of directors of County Chamber of Commerce.

Freshly hired by his organization, Milette admitted that United Way failed to give utmost support to the projects of Irwin County in the past years. He added that United Way focused in supporting Cook, Turner, and Benn Hill Counties rather than Irwin County.

However, Milette emphasized in his speech that United Way is currently eager to begin a new chapter by means of establishing partnerships with the neighbouring agencies, by which they will be able to build mutually beneficial relationships. He also said the United Way is ready to provide help to agencies, even to individuals in developing innovative initiatives that aims to bridge the gaps between various services.

United Way has commenced filling gaps through partnering with the County Chamber of Commerce. The executive director of United Ways promised to attend meetings of Irwin County Family Connection on a regular basis and to provide opportunities for leadership among the residents of Irwin County.

Milette also announced that Jannis Paulk, a local entrepreneur, also joined the board of directors of the recently established partnership between the two organizations.

He said the Paulk with surely help a lot in the plans and efforts of both civic organizations, as she possesses connections within the community, which will enable them to rapidly develop the association that they desire to build. Milette added that Paulk’s perceptive nature and exceptional entrepreneurial skills will serve both the organizations well, as they look forward to a new and fundamentally changed future.


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